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I Know Quratulain from the age, when girls are careless and irresponsible, but she was not as others.

She had all the qualities that could make her a succcessful person in the future and today she proved it.

She is a talented author, and a versatile leader.

My prayers are with her as before and today more.

Wish you Good Luck, My amazing and obedient Student.


Tabussum Alam Hashmi

Inspirational Thought Leader


Shaheen Public College

Former Principal Pakistan Air Force Intermediate College, Masroor

Mother Teresa once said 

"We sometimes feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop".Mam Quratulain this is a statement true for you... I have rarely seen any genuine human offering such immense knowledge selflessly... In a world of chaos and hurry.  A true leader a phenomenal motivational source. I always feel so agile being in your CPD sessions. 

She is a spirit for SYNAPRA. 

LOADS of respect for you worthy ma’am. JazakAllah. 

 Out of the night that covers me

Black as the pit from pole to pole

I thanks whatever Gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

It matters not how straight the gate

How charged with punishment that scroll

I am the Master of my Fate

I am the Captain of my soul.


A Tribute to a selfless, incredible and agile lady of Grace, Mam Qurat!


Ayesha Tahir

A lifelong learner, 

HOD English department

Rangers Public School and College Bahawalpur since 2010

I had worked with Syeda Quratulain on different educational leadership and management projects in the past. I found her well-versed in 21st century dynamics of teaching, learning and management. The way she brings her passion, innovation and creativity to her ventures and projects is admirable. In fact, she has exhibited her transformational leadership skills in the capacity building sessions she has either organized or conducted herself in the past. Now, I’m glad to see her brainchild Synapra, and the way it is evolving. I’m sure connecting with Synapra will provide people an amazing and long-lasting learning experience In-sha-ALLAH. 


Sharjeel Ahmed Khan

Islamic Scholar

Educationist | Certified MIE

Education, training, teacher responsibilities and student psychology is not easy.

Syeda Qarat ul Ain has provided a way through the Platform of Synapra.


The requirements of each era are different. If we do not adapt education to the present, not only will we lag behind in development, but we will also jeopardize the future of our next generations.


Your efforts truly are appreciated.


Faisal Azizi Bandagi

Islamic Scholar | Researcher

Content & Script Writer

Synapra, a trailblazer in the field, offers educational consulting in Pakistan. From its inception, Synapra redefined what it meant to educate and train people. Moreover, by offering training programs that have been approved by the UK's CPD standards office, Synapra is dismantling barriers and conventional norms in the educational field. Simply put, this training is focused on preparing educational leaders to better manage functional departments. The complete course of Educational Leadership is filled with a wealth of information. Learning information, skills, and values from such a well-known trainer was a wonderful experience. The combination of in-class exercises, challenging homework assignments, and thought-provoking questions helped me to better understand the material. I found it to be worth the value and time. highly suggestable.


Nauman Sadiq

Instructor, College of Education AHQs, Peshawar

Certified Educationist, Synapra

Leadership Accredited Professional,

The CPD Standards Office, UK

Guys if you are looking for an International Certification regarding Training or Curriculum Development or Educational Leadership.

This is the one I personally recommend.

I Just completed my certification and Trust me Their content is one of the best content. It consist of not only Theory but Practical Implementation of the Taught tools and Methodologies.

You will have your profile with your own philosophies, your own frameworks etc

And last but not the least Trainers have thorough grip on what they are teaching ماشاء اللہ

Continuous Professional Development Courses are the need of time and requirement of International and National Competitive Jobs.

A must do, Stay blessed and after Certification remember me in prayers.


Highly recommended

Did Educational Leadership Course.

Excellent Content and Experienced Trainer.


Ayesha Ikram

Education Consultant |Master Trainer

TESOL Certified Trainer

Certified Educationist, Synapra

Leadership Accredited Professional,

The CPD Standards Office, UK

Hi, I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience I had while taking the Educational Leadership CPD course with your organization. The course was exceptional in many ways, and I appreciate all the effort put in by the trainers and the team.

The practical approach of the course was really helpful in making us understand the concepts of educational leadership. The course provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop these plans, which I believe will be of immense help in my professional career.

The part that stood out for me the most was how the trainer connected every module with the examples of Islam and Islamic history. This not only helped me in understanding the concepts better, but it also made the course more relatable and interesting.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my friend Ms. Annie Furqan and the Synapra Project Consultancy team. The support and guidance provided by the trainer were exceptional. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in educational leadership.


Noama Khan

 Director Matho Logics

Academic Innovation Lead ,AEEFA

Certified Educationist, Synapra

Leadership Accredited Professional,

The CPD Standards Office, UK

Having Completed ECED Leadership Course, I can confidently say that it was an enriching experience that has prepared me for different dimensions of understanding & Growth. Throughout the program gained a thorough understanding of child development and learnt effective communication and behavior management strategies. It helped me to develop strong interpersonal skills and built positive relationships with children & families.

Overall, the course has given me the solid foundation to work in ECE sector and has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality care and education to young children.

I would highly recommend this course to all ECE Practitioners. I would also like to express my appreciation for the Trainer Raheela Damani and Synapra  who has played a crucial role in shaping my learning experience during ECED Course. Her expertise and the ways of teaching is valuable to create a supportive and exclusive learning environment.

I am grateful for the guidance, support & Commitment to help me achieving my goals.


Sarah Khan


Bazeecha Inclusive Educational System

Certified Educator, Synapra

Accredited Leader ECED, The CPD Standards Office, UK

I Feel proud to announce that I had a wonderful learning experience with SYNAPRA and Ms Quratulain during Educational Leadership Course . It was an eye opening experience and gave me a different perspective to my capabilities.Ms Quratulain has a dynamic personality and has excellent teaching skills . Her strategies and planning in designing courses are commendable.I being a principal of the IMPERIAL SCHOOL recommended my teachers to enroll in TEACHERS LEADER course and on the completion of the course I experienced a remarkable change in their teaching methodologies. I wish SYNAPRA and Ms Quratulain all the best in future endeavors.


Laila Haroon

 Principal | Founder

Certified Educationist, Synapra

Leadership Accredited Professional,

The CPD Standards Office, UK

*Excellent value for money*

The course was everything you said it would be , rather a lot more than that. The
experiences you shared during class discussions are life-lessons that no books can teach. The course content was precise and flexible with easy to understand assignments.

I liked the case study teaching approach. Over all it was well planned & layed out, easy for me to follow. The trainer was knowledgeable and responsive and the classmates were amazing. Overall it was a great learning experience at an affordable price. Looking forward for some more learning with Synapra.


Nabeela Raheel

Principal, Meem School Lahore

Certified Educationist , Synapra

Leadership Accredited Professional,

The CPD Standards Office, UK

I am  a Proud Trainee of ECED Leadership Course Batch 1. I found this course very interactive, informative and well planned. Thankyou Ms Raheela Damani you are a wonderful facilitator and an honest person.

its really worth mentioning the modules of Child Psychology and aligning  Struggling Learners with Classroom Strategies in order to meet the the real classrooms.

A whole module of Material Development with low cost no cost approach is really admirable.


Aisha Majid

Sr. Kindergarten Teacher

Head Start Kindergarten Gulshan

Certified Educator, Synapra

Accredited Leader ECED, The CPD Standards Office, UK

I am an instructional coach in one of the reputable schools of Karachi. My teaching journey has seen 12 springs so far. I had a wonderful experience with Quratulain,the lead trainer and owner of the agency. The course has been great and I hope that I will bring a positive change in my professional life. Thank you for enlightening us with so much of positivity and knowledge!


Asma Sabeeh

Instructional Coach

Beaconhouse School System

It was a beautiful journey towards learning.I am a learner by nature, iy was my first experience with Synapra and Ms.Quratulan, no doubt she is an amazing teacher and mentor. I am surely looking forward for more CPDS


Madeeha Rizvi

Veritas Learning Centre

I have taken the course of curriculum design and development fron Synapra and my experience was great. The facilitator tried her best to communicate and build understanding of all things. The concepts were all very clear and I learnt alot. Thank you Synapara and Maam QuratulAin for this amazing course.


Shehzeen Shoaib

Campus Head

Dhaka Secondary School

It is worth mentioning that Ms Quratulain has a dynamic personality. She helped us develop our school curriculum and train teachers.

She also supported in designing "English Language Course" at "Language Town".

If you guys get in touch with Synapra, you will always gain.


Farrukh Abbasi


Fahim Abbasi's School System

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward

Great experience with mam Qurat ul Ain, while attending EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP COURSE, what a great mentor!! You made me a better, more thoughtful person. Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture.

The amazing freelancing tools that I learnt during the course belong to my area of expertise specially Strategic Planning, Pedagogical Planning, Behaviour Management and Action Centered Model ACL-By John Eric Adair.

I am sure in the tough time that our nation is facing these tools will empower all learners to serve Globally.

It's my first course with Synapra, but I m looking forward to have more with them. Hats off to you


Dr. Nimra Zeeshan

Certified Educationist & Educator

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

I recently had the opportunity to work with Me Qurat ul Ain as my educational trainer and I must say that it was a truly enriching experience. From the very beginning, Ms Qurat ul Ain was organized and professional in helping me achieve my learning goals.

One of the things I appreciated most about Ms Qurat ul Ain was her ability to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment. She was patient and always willing to take the time to explain concepts in detail, and encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification whenever needed.

In terms of her teaching style, Ms Qurat ul Ain was able to adapt to my needs and learning style. She used a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities, which helped to keep me engaged and motivated throughout the sessions.

Specially Strategic Planning, Action Centered Model by Leadership Authority John Adair has inspired me to pitch my entrepreneurial journey as Educationist.
Overall, I highly recommend Synapra Educational Consultancy and Ms Qurat ul Ain as an educational trainer. She is knowledgeable, patient, and truly cares about helping her students succeed. I have no doubt that anyone who works with her will come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.
I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.


Umbar Ovais

Certified Educationist

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

I saw the advertisement in Facebook and it clicked to me to instantly join the course on Educational Leadership as this is the area of my interest.I received an assurance from Ms Quratulain that this course will meet my expectations of acquiring knowledge and skills further to my experience.Much to my pleasure and the thirst of learning the course excelled in meeting my expectations.I am genuinely impressed by Ms Quratulain for her knowledge and delivering the content in a comprehensive way.What appealed me the most is her analogies and examples of leadership from the Quran and the life of Prophet Mohammad. ( SAW).As Muslims it is the need of this time to learn today’s learning disciplines through our religion, which has proven to be the most practical and contemporary religion of all times , till the end of the world.I have now completed this course and I can guarantee that the course opened a broad horizon of learning for me.It was indeed a fantastic experience to be part of her tutelage.Most importantly, I must mention , there was no dead time. The course was to the point during the classes yet gave us a great opportunity to discuss the content at length.“ I never wanted the class to end “Moreover the assignments were very interesting and doable.In the end, I would like to state that it would be unfortunate for those who get an opportunity to be under the training of Ms Quratulain , and do not avail !I wish Ms Quratulain continued success for all her future endeavours.May She continue to spread knowledge in the light of our beloved religion


Nazish Sikander

CEO, Zumar Consulting

Certified Educationist

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent training organized by Synpra. This three days training program was packed with valuable insight and practical tips that help me improve my leadership skills.


Ma'am Qurat ul Ain your expertise in this field is beyond my expectations.  Your ability to break down complicated concepts into simple ones like change management, need analysis, making a vision, crafting, or constructing goals was remarkable. Moreover, the interactive activities were extremely helpful in allowing me to apply the concepts we learned like SWOT analysis, 4Is, and the theory of unfreeze, change, and refreeze and gain a deeper understanding, this session also allow me to connect with other participants and learn from their expertise as well.


I feel more confident and equipped to apply the knowledge and skills in my personal and professional life. I am highly thankful to synapra, this session exceeded my expectations.       


       I look forward to the opportunity to learn from you again in the future.               


Uzma Sohail


The Smart School

Nazimabad Campus 2

"What is a teacher?" I'll tell you what it is: it isn't someone who teaches something, but rather someone who inspires the student to give her all in order to discover what she already knows.(Paulo Coelho)
My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget I truly appreciate you, your course outline, and the time you spent helping us learn and become better. Teachers are like candles—they consume themselves to light the way for others. Thank you very much for the course; it will help us tremendously. I appreciate the lengths you go to make a complicated lesson into a simple one. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvellous sense of humour and Deen o’ Dunia.
"Teachers create minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love."


M Faizan Ashraf

Certified Educator

Accredited Teacher Leader

The CPD Standards Office,UK

Alhamdolillah I have done two courses from Synapra. It's great institution where you can learn a lot . Mam Qurat ul Ain and Madam Naheed both are great Leaders and Mentors. I have learnt about leadership skills and new ways of teaching. ELC opened a broad horizon towards Strategic Planning, Pedagogical Planning and Entrepreneurship.
I wish for the success of Synapra!


Saima Hasan

Certified Educationist & Educator

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

It was a great learning experience through Synapra, especially from Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain. I have done my Educational Leadership Course with her and it was indeed a magnificent experience as I had a chance to learn many new techniques which will surely help me grow in future endeavours.

A thoroughly new spectrum of enlightment with Strategic Planning, Action Centered Model of John Adair and Change Management is the ultimate height of the course that are the needs of today' educational world.


Amber Nafees

Certified Educationist

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

have done Teacher Leadership course from SYNAPRA and it is a great experience and opportunity. I have learned many new skills which are surely going to help me in my future In Sha Allah and enjoyed each and every moment during the class. My Mentor Ma'am Naheed is a very kind, generous and a devoted teacher. She is an inspiration for all. If I would get the chance to do more courses I would definitely go for it. I highly recommend this institution to all.


Maria Amir

Certified Educator

Accredited Teacher Leader

The CPD Standards Office, UK

ALHMDOLILLAH i have done Teacher Leadership Course from SYNAPRA, it has excellent master TRAINERS, best online platform in this Busy schedule.thanks ma'am Quratulain and ma'am Naheed for make me not only teacher but also a TRAINER.


Abeera Urooj

Certified Educator

Accredited Teacher Leader

The CPD Standards Office, UK

it is the best training centre for me I have learned alot from this organization in short time all trainer here very dedicated to their profession . All courses here are very informative and personality change, I did ELC it's an awesome planned course and the trainer is really very dedicated and intellectual. love this course and this Organization too.Thank you Synapra.


Shazia Athar

Certified Educationist

Leadership Accredited Professional

The CPD Standards Office, UK

I had an amazing experience with Ms Annie she had share key ingredients of a good teacher, diversified teaching methodologies and strategies. Various apps and productive lesson planning on point. Similarly the best was the Facebook page which is the need of the hour. So guys do go for this v meaningful training. I feel glad to be part of it. Ms Annie hats off and thank you.

sonia khan.jpg

Sonia Aijaz

Development Specialist

Researcher & Educator

Without your helpfulness and directness, the school would have been more challenging.

It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped our school team in the difficult times. Thank you so much for all that you've done for customized Curriculum Development, Teachers Trainings and Parenting.

I appreciate you being cooperative and helpful.


M. Saleem Sathiyani

Chairman, Rozgar Committe APMF

CEO, Alhabib Iqra School

General Secretary 

Gulbahar Traders Association

TV Anchor

Proud to be Synaprian !

It is a best institute for online training courses especially, Teachers Training, Leadership Trainings and Soft Skills.

Ms Quratulain is well experienced, well behaved and talented mentor. 

Thanks for sharing the meaningful experience.


Farhana Khan

Education Consultant | Trainer

Curiculum Developer

I am thankful to Synapra specially being flexible and understanding the situation and advising us on the things that needed to be done.

I will encourage all my friends to consult for their planning and developments. The Trainers were super helpful and always available when I needed support. It was honestly a great experience

Teachers Training were Super excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Recording facility is excellent for revising. Courses at Synapra are practical and informative.


Fareeha Aleem


The Country School

I am very proud to be a member of Synapra. The team of synapra has liable and educated members who assures the betterment of skills of the pupil. The educational leadership course is the very best for people who leads, it improves the skills of a person and help them to elevate. these courses are very beneficial for people who want to enhance their skills.


Sadaf Shahzad


The Legend Smart School

A Good place for learning not only learn the education but also the way she has taught in a very professional ethics and systematic approaches. a wonderful place for learning.

I suggest it.


Syed Kashan Manzar Abidi


Al-Jauhar Grammar School

Miss Quratulain is a great Mentor and a wonderful person.


Her project consultancy skills are awesome . When you are lost in life her consultancy works like a light. Her research work is commendable.


I will recommend Synapra as one of the best organization and thankyou for working in an outstanding manner.


Sunita Kirpalani

Language Trainer

Educator | Researcher

What a wonderful experience !


I have gained from this training is highly appreciable.

Thank you Ms Qurat ul Ain and Ms Raheela Damani.


Farah Khan

Coordinator Pre-Primary | Primary

The Crescent Academy

Synapra is best for Online courses, especially Soft Skills courses, Teachers Training Courses, Software courses and Educational Leadership Course..



Syed Nooh Ahmed

Engineer | Educator

An Entrepreneur

Synapra is a wonderful platform for ECE and all classes teachers .

Miss Quratulain is a wonderful kind and supportive person MASHAALLAH. I have done many courses from Synapra .

This is a great platform for all teachers .

Thank you for guiding and coaching.


Habiba Khatoon

Certified Educator

Accredited Leader ECED

The CPD Standards Office,UK

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